Privacy policy and complaint management

Privacy Policy

Dear Customer, Prospective Customer,

We would like to inform you in the context of our harmonization with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Council of April 27th 2016 “on the protection of personal data and on the free movement of such data” or any other national or European legislation applicable in amendment or replacement of the current one, that the data we collect and concerning your personal data, are collected for specific purposes. These purposes are the execution of the Order that you have/had assigned to us, expressly or informally, for the provision of insurance advice or insurance proposals.

The data we collect/collected from you or your authorized representative or third parties at your behest, we process it within our office and do not send it to external partners but only to cooperating insurance companies who manage it exclusively for the execution and completion of our services to you, as well as our administrative staff. . We will only use/retain your information for this purpose or if we have another legitimate reason for using it. These reasons include cases where:

· it is necessary to establish, exercise or support, pursue our legal interests,

· it is necessary to process the information to execute your order,

· it is necessary to process the information to comply with a legal obligation.

We take all necessary measures, and apply appropriate means, legal and technical, in order to ensure the confidentiality of information concerning you and to prevent its leakage, loss, destruction or otherwise damage.

We will use your information to meet our compliance obligations, to comply with other laws and regulations, and to share it with regulatory and other authorities where we have a public or legal duty to do so. We will only do so on the basis that it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation or that it is in our legal interests.

We may share your information for these purposes with others, including law enforcement agencies, public governmental bodies, courts, dispute resolution bodies, our supervisory and regulatory bodies, our auditors and any party appointed or which has been requested by our supervisory and regulatory bodies to conduct investigations or audits of our activities;

Your data is kept by the Insurance Consultant for 5 years (or other time according to the law) from your last visit or last action/service. After the end of the above period, the files/documents and personal data will be deleted and destroyed, in the event that, at the discretion of the Principals, it is appropriate or required for reasons of good management of the volume of data and files.

Please note that at any time, you have the right to access your data and to have it corrected (with respect to demographic information only) if it is inaccurate or incomplete. You are also granted the right of portability. This is specialized in sending your data by facsimile or by e-mail to a person/s duly notified in writing to us, as well as providing a copy of the data on a convenient electronic medium (USB flash/CD) or in hard copy.

It is your right at any time to revoke the consents you have granted us or to request that we deliver your file, data and/or files to you, or destroy or delete them, by completing an appropriate application and sending it to the e-mail address:, as well as to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority. However, we may still process the above if we have another legitimate reason to do so, if we are entitled or required to retain it by applicable law.

Where we have said “you” or “your”, this means you, any person authorized by you, anyone contacting us on your behalf (eg. administrators or executors, attorneys under a power of attorney) and other related persons (including authorized signatories, partners, members and managers).

In the event that you wish to change the address you have provided or communicated to us or communicated in any way, you must notify us in writing.

In addition, you are required to communicate and send the data that is required from time to time for the provision of insurance services, exclusively and only to the following addresses:

1) Cyprus: 111 Tseriou Street, office 102, 1st floor, 2045 Strovolos-Nicosia

2) Greece: Akadimias 35, 10672 Athens

and to the following e-mail addresses: and alternatively if you have a problem sending to:

Complaints – objections

In case there is a complaint or a problem in our cooperation, you can send your complaint or complaint in writing to our e-mail or by letter to our business addresses. Within 48 hours of receipt of your request or complaint, we will notify you of their receipt and within 30 calendar days of receipt, you will have the final response – resolution of your matter. In the event that the above time limits have passed or our answer does not satisfy you, you can contact the consumer protection centers:

1) Cyprus: K.S.K.

2) Greece: K.P.KA.




No. Cred. Reg. 6856

Cyprus Ministry of Finance / Insurance Companies Audit Service

Work address:
Tseriou 111, Office 102, 1st Floor
2045 Strovolos Nicosia Cyprus
TEL: CY+357 22 66 81 00, FAX: CY+357 22 320 759 MOBILE: CY+357 99 82 42 39

TEL: GR+30 21 30 40 60 90, FAX: GR+30 215 729 94 60 MOBILE: GR+30 6944 42 42 41



The purpose of this article is to inform all my clients and my prospective clients about the procedure I will follow in case there is any complaint or deficiency in the insurance process or during the insurance either by me or by the company in which the customer is insured.
If there is any of the above, the complainant should either by
e-mail or by letter that I will deliver to him pre-filled with my details, during delivery of his contract, notify me of his complaint. For proof of receipt by me, for the e-mail message nothing further is needed since it is proven that it was sent, for handwritten letters of complaint the person concerned should ask me for a handwritten receipt, or keep the proof of sending the letter as proof, of the courier company or the receipt from the post office.
After receiving the letter, I am obliged within 10 working days to respond to
the complaint that has been communicated to me. If there is not enough time, in the event that different
departments of insurance companies are involved and we have time delays, I am obliged within 10 days to respond to the actions I have taken until that moment to resolve the customer’s complaint and to inform him of the possible timetable.
If the complainant after all this process is not satisfied, he can proceed with all the legal procedures that the law allows him.

Below you can find a pre-filled form for sending

your complaints.