B.R.M.A | Business Risk Management

B.R.M.A | Business Risk Management

In our effort to inform entrepreneurs, whose most important asset is time, with the most advanced technological means, we held in October 2019, in collaboration with Viral Growth, the first global presentation of the methodology and software B.R.M.A. (Business Risk Management Architect).

It was an online webinar that we held on October 9th, 2019 with great success. You can watch here, by clicking on the following link and registering, from the comfort of your own space, a detailed presentation of the methodology necessary for each business.

At Lindra Consulting, we systematically follow the developments surrounding the New Development Law, the NSRF, and in general every financial tool as they are directly related to the needs of the companies we supervise.

Therefore, we are actively developing our network with companies active in the field of consulting.

Feel free to send us an invitation on our LinkedIn profile or contact us through our available channels.