Consulting of the Highest Level with Accreditations

  • We carefully, thoroughly and personally study each client and his family, resulting in the optimal mapping of their needs.
  • We provide you with the best standard of living today, proactively making sure that every contingency of the future is covered
  • We identify, disclose, quantify and prioritize business risks, ranking risks at different levels of criticality.
  • We become the simple channel of communication between the risk officers and the Board of Directors of the business.
  • We can be the cheapest outsourcing risk assessment department of any business.
  • We provide you with the best development tips.
  • We have the best accounting and tax advice.
  • We can provide you with the best legal protection and representation.
  • Our investment advice has a golden past and a promising future.
  • We have the potential to become your irreplaceable partner.

How we achieve all this:

  • Our studies are personalized and not based on models.
  • The analysis of the insurance needs of families and individuals that we conduct comes from the industry leader, MetLife. I was also a trainer for new insurance advisors.
  • The study and assessment of insurable business risks is done with the accreditation of the Business Risk Management Architect. Only 75 consultants worldwide hold this accreditation. It is a globally multi-awarded methodology (see awards) but also approved by America, Canada, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Greece (University of Piraeus) producing the best and most objective results. The methodology has a software.
  • Partnerships with leading lawyers in corporate and tax law and brilliant results in all client representations, we ensure you the best legal support.
  • Partnerships with leading and innovative accounting-tax offices guarantee the most up-to-date advice.
  • Our experience in finance as well as our continuous cooperation with leading brokers guarantees you the optimal management of your investments.

We are here to provide the best solutions to the individual, the professional, the family and the entrepreneur.

We have the ability to be your irreplaceable partner.