Private Insurance in ESG – Environmental Social and Governance

Private Insurance on ESG The global community faces pressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. The role of private insurance has emerged as a vital component in promoting sustainable practices and managing ESG-related risks. Private insurance companies, known for their expertise in risk management and financial protection, have recognized the importance of ESG factors in shaping the future of both […]

5 steps to manage the risks of your business

5 steps to manage the risks of your business Risk management is an essential aspect of any business. One of the critical elements of risk management is the identification and management of insurable risks. Insurable risks refer to risks that can be transferred to an insurance company. Properly managing insurable risks helps businesses reduce their exposure to financial losses arising […]

Insurable Business Risk Management Software – BRMA

Insurable Business Risk Management Software – BRMA Risk management and the way organizations approach it, is a topic that, from 2020, concerns more and more businesses, regardless of industry and size. This is one of the reasons why the benefits of risk management software are becoming more and more apparent. The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic impact have left […]